Design serves market.

IDX design + com is a multi-disciplinary design team that is focused on bridging the gap between the entrepreneurial hearts and brands of its clients and the needs and desires of their customers.

Industry known for simple, seamless and natural collaboration as well as creative and technical proficiency in design and project coordination.

Started at the University of Montreal Industrial Design School by two entrepreneurial students that wanted to bring real world context to their projects, with time, IDX's focus became solely about helping creatively solve their client's core issues : sales and merchandising, customer attraction and fidelity, employee performance and retention, brand definition and perception, authentic and distinct positioning.

Emmanuel Amar had a background in health, promotion and entertainment.  Billy Tran came from the residential furniture design and manufacturing industry, interior design and art.  Together, they started by seeking out, listening to and offering entrepreneurs and retailers solutions through this multidisciplinary approach and skill set.  WIth true listening came understanding of market, culture, client needs and objectives; this enabled the development of sensitive and successful solutions and ultimately happy clients, on all sides..

In 20 years, IDX has never ceased to delve deeper into the nature and different facets of consumer behaviour and the way people perceive space, product, service and brand.

Today, more than ever, the team focus is about nurturing successful relationships, at all levels, through continuous listening, creativity, responsiveness and effective exchange with everyone from staff to suppliers and from clients to contractors.