1. Commercial context, environment and marketing:

Market research, consumer behaviour studies. Competitive environment studies. Concept

opportunities and challenges.

2. User needs, goals and performance:

Programming and space planning, existing concept strengths, challenges and opportunities

(form, function, lighting, symbols, usage, marketing, merchandising,…). Goals, performance

and criteria analysis: user needs and performance studies, site evaluation and surveys, space

planning, budget analysis.

3. Visual communication

Visual communication program study. Merchandising program study and development assistance.

POP, store in store and display design. Concept image and branding. Promotional

drawings, rendering and brochure.

4. Interior design

Design objective and criteria development. Marketing objective and design integration. Concept

development. Display fixtures and furniture development. Lighting design and specification

(custom, color, temperature, rendering and sources). Preliminary sketches, colors, finishes and

material research and selection. 3D virtual prototyping (components, furniture, environment, site

integration and simulation).

5. Technical and industrial design

Construction drawings. Technical specifications. Project manufacturing scheduling and coordination.

Construction budget development. Physical prototype assistance, coordination, supervision

and study. Ergonomy, process analysis and efficiency studies. Form, function, symbols and

semiotics. Manufacturing drawings, detailing and specification. Material development. Original

display fixture and furniture development, design and specification. 3D virtual prototyping.

6. Design management

Preliminary lay-out studies. Storefront and façade studies (3D virtual compositions and marker

rendering). Landlord criteria analysis. Concept adjustment and revision. Value engineering.

ABC mall, street and flagship strategies. Cost analysis and management.

7. Project management

Site assessment and survey. Preparation and administration of construction documents, tender

process and bid analysis. Coordination of construction, installation process, scheduling and

costs. Approval procurement and permit assistance. Site supervision (manufacturing, construction

and installation). Special supplier coordination. Post project installation, occupancy and

usage evaluation.